Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

data and analyticsOur data and analytics services unlock value by leveraging “hidden” data you already have and providing high ROI insights on your customers and prospects. First we conduct a data audit to identify critical knowledge and data gaps in your business, and recommend opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects, customers and other audiences.  If needed, we’ll conduct advanced analytics and modeling to grow your revenue, gain insights from customer videos and help you build a more data-driven organization.

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Data Audits


Chances are your company is collecting lots of data—but it’s sitting in silos, underutilized or simply not in “shape” to be actionable. But all sales and marketing starts with data. Proper use of sales and marketing data can increase a company’s return on investment (ROI) by 10% to 20%, according to McKinsey.

Our data audit identifies your data gaps and blind spots that are holding back sales and marketing success with a structured, comprehensive process that gets results. Our “toolbox” includes third party data, analysis, market research and technologies – guided by strategy and experience. We’ve helped dozens of clients with their analytics, built databases for over 50 brands and conducted over 200 research projects in the past three years.

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Customer Analytics and Modeling


data and analytics

Don’t have a data scientist or web analytics guru?

No problem.

Our analysts will help you:

Identify your most profitable customers (advanced segmentation analysis)
Learn the characteristics of best customers and find prospects like them (look alike models)
Identify customers with the greatest risk of churning (retention models)
Learn the product features that correlate to higher retention.
Create bundled offers and up-sells – correlate purchase patterns.

Learning Session: Creating a data-driven organization.  (Webinar or Onsite, 1-4 Hours)


Many companies don’t have a clearly defined measurement strategy because they have too many cooks (departments) in the kitchen, they focus on soft goals that are difficult to measure, they are indecisive in separating what should be measured from all of the things that can be measured, and they don’t appreciate the full value of what analytics can do for their organization beyond reporting.

This session will help you break through all of that, learn how to develop a clear measurement strategy and build a data-driven organization.

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