pre-meeting prospect insights

Discover Their Pain Points Interests Motivations BEFORE Your Meeting

Make a better first impression

Tailor and "crush" initial meetings

Ensure the right rep is on the call

Get Briefings to Better Prepare in Your CRM & Via Email

Learn what prospects SAY AND FEEL.

¬†With self-recorded audio analyzed by AI… in your CRM

How it Works




Embed questions on "Book a Meeting" page or email URL to prospects

Simply give us 2-3 questions based on what you'd like to know about prospects before calls.
We'll get you set up in 48 hours.

Prospects Record Answers with 1 Click
(and it's kinda fun)

A single click opens a brief interactive experience. On-screen questions can be answered via video or audio mode (with an option to re-record).

Get Insights in
CRM & via Email

Get a report for each prospect with their challenges, interests & more (based on your questions). See responses and suggested talking points right in your CRM, powered by AI.


See A Live Demo Below

When leads book a meeting, they are redirected to a page with an experience like the one below.

Pre-meeting emails can include links to the page too.

Your Prospects are Tired of Sales Meetings with Endless Questions

Help Them Give Background Info in Advance

Fast, Easy Insights. Set-up in 48 Hours.

Deepen Prospect Discovery before Sales Calls

Tailor Meetings & Demos

Book More Sales