Webinar and Podcast Videos

Get more leads from your webinars, online events and podcasts.

Our 1-2 minute videos will help you get more sign-ups for your online event or podcast because they 1) quickly tell your story, 2) feature memorable moments that bring your content to life and 3) collect emails within the video experience so you can follow-up with reminders.

78% of marketers say using video increases ROI.

  • Tell your story quickly
  • Boost marketing performance
  • Grow your audience and drive more leads

Videos with Key Moments Bring Content to Life

Nothing sells like your own content.

Our pre-event videos increase sign-ups for your online event with visual storytelling. Post event, they feature highlights of your content that help people sense the experience. Include these videos in your emails, social media and landing page and keep growing the audience for content on-demand, long after the live broadcast.

Including video in emails improves engagement by 2X.

Our Technology Saves You Time and Money

Normally, video editing is laborious and costly, particularly for “long form” content like online events and podcasts. Our seasoned professionals use AI and cutting edge tools that save time, and we pass the savings on to you. Our unique process uses technology that “listens” to your content and helps us select and include memorable moments — relevant short clips based on key phrases you specify upfront. From start to finish, projects can be completed in as little as 1-2 days after your live broadcast.

On-target and on-brand, with ease.

Simply fill out an online form with your key themes and brand specs, and we’ll get right to work.

With experience in over 20 different industries, we quickly find key moments in your content that will resonate with your audience. (We guarantee it). Our editors weave these clips into a compelling narrative, and provide a draft of a polished video for you to review with your brand’s look. Then, after any tweaks, you’ll have the final version.

Watch These Examples

For a Webinar…

For a Podcast…

Capture emails within your video

Want to collect emails at the end of your video? You’ll have immediate leads, and we’ll handle it for you by embedding an email form within your video. The contact data from sign-ups can sync to your marketing automation system, CRM or we can provide ongoing lead lists in Excel format if you prefer.