New Software Makes Marketing Decisions for You

Groundbreaking technology ushers in the era of No-Hands Marketing

New York, April 1 2015 — Boundless Markets announced the launch of revolutionary software that requires virtually no human involvement to achieve significant marketing results.  The technology, called Boundless One, combines marketing automation, programmatic media buying and predictive analytics with a proprietary algorithm that creates personalized messaging.  The system provides robust software that drives marketing execution, with no human interaction whatsoever.No Decisions Required - no branding

The technology enables customers to efficiently manage, execute and optimize marketing programs across multiple channels including email, web, mobile, events, and social media with the single click of a mouse or voice activated command.

The Boundless One system, in effect, makes decisions for people.  It uses statistical modeling to identify the best prospects for a product or service and, based on engagement data, dynamically creates messaging targeted to specific audience segments drawing from a large library of phrases, customizable ads and video templates.  Automatically, the software conducts online media buys with real-time bidding and program optimization.  Ads are displayed on mobile and online ad networks in addition to paid search and  thousands of email newsletters. Videos are automatically embedded on partner sites and posted to social networks at the optimal time of day.

User interaction data is then combined with transactional data and demographics to launch trigger emails to dynamically created audience segments.   On the fly segmentation and personalized messaging is the heart of the Boundless One system, which integrates with, Eloqua, Madison Logic, Sail Thru and many other partners.  An API is available and 350 agency partners have been participating in beta testing.

“This technology does for marketing what Ford did for manufacturing with the assembly line, but goes even further because now machines can govern the entire process” said Boundless Markets Vice President April Riddles.  The startling announcement was symbolically made this morning at Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

“This ushers in a new era of marketing”, continued Ms. Riddles.  “First there was social media and content marketing.  Then came marketing automation.  This new technology is the first in what we call No-Hands Marketing.”

The product roadmap for Boundless One also includes No-Hands Strategy and No-Hands Sales, both of which will require little if any human involvement.   These launches are expected in exactly one year: April 1, 2016.

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Process Makes Perfect – Building a Well Oiled Sales Machine

In the creative world of sales and marketing, “process” often gets a bad rap.  It can imply an over engineered, bureaucratic method that lacks inspiration.

Should you have a CMO or head of sales who is a process person?  Or a strategic leader who guides and motivates the team?  The latter is what’s usually required of leaders.  But don’t you wish you had a nickel for every strategic visionary who doesn’t know how to execute (or hire strong executors)?

Well conceived processes can make the difference between mediocre results and spectacular results.  They help create well oiled sales and marketing machines.   There is no one “right” process that applies to every company.  It is highly situational. But to illustrate, here are some new processes we put in place for a client whose business is a mix of e-commerce and enterprise sales.  Revenue is up 54% YTD vs. last year.

Within the context of an overall go-to-market strategy, timely and topical mini-campaigns are created based on a marketing and sales calendar.  These are 3-4 week sprints all around a specific theme. Each sprint follows this playbook:

  1. Sales representatives and customer service staff and are notified in advance and made aware of the campaign theme and the messaging.
  2. Products and services related to the theme are merchandised more heavily on the web site to kick off the sprint.
  3. A topical video is created and promoted through multiple channels.  At least one sales representative provides feedback when the video is created.
  4. Multiple channels are used to drive web traffic with messaging that relates to the campaign and reinforces the overall brand.  In advance, the team thinks through how to re-engage the audience with re-marketing and CRM targeting.
  5. Past buyers and win-back candidates are sent a series of targeted emails with content on the same theme, along with new prospects who are treated somewhat differently based on our segmentation.
  6. Sales representatives send personalized and slightly different versions of the email to their VIP customers, including a link to the latest video.
  7. The outside telesales team uses the timely topic to create a sense of urgency with prospects and then segways into the main pitch.
  8. Customers who purchase on this topic are flagged as such in the database, so we know their interests and what drives their responses.
  9. Customers who buy through e-commerce are contacted and targeted with up-sells and higher-end services by sales representatives.

Rinse and repeat.  Unless a better process is developed, since processes can and should improve over time.  We have built other processes to improve quantitative rigor and get feedback directly from customers.

The things above may or may not apply to your business. But the point is, when well done, the pieces of the process build on each other.   Processes like this have important benefits:

  • Each player on the team knows their roles and what’s expected.
  • When done cross functionally, they create team wins and foster a team culture.
  • They provide valuable data to improve over time

Best of all, they allow an organization to have a repeatable and scalable playbook —and that’s the hallmark of well oiled sales and marketing machines.  The trick is to stay fresh and encourage innovation in ways that reinforce the overall strategy.

So the next time you’re in the board room, consider this:  “process” shouldn’t be a dirty word.

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