Marketing and Sales Technology

Marketing and Sales Technology

marketing technology reviewsWe map out and implement technology solutions that improve your marketing and sales effectiveness. Many are quick wins that fit with your current infrastructure unless we believe an overhaul is needed. Based on experience with over 50 tech platforms from marketing automation to CRM and beyond, we work with best-of-breed tools. That said, we are system agnostic and focused on your specific needs. The result? Measurable improvements, guaranteed. After dissecting your processes, here’s what we do:

  • Review current systems in the context of your goals
  • Recommend technology solutions to improve specific stages in the marketing and sales process
  • Manage implementation or train/coach your team to improve results dramatically
  • Map out data flows between systems
  • Save you time by streamlining processes and/or managing systems
  • Advise on best practices to maximize the effectiveness

Live events are very important for many of our clients. So we built our own software, Lively, to further increase the ROI of events.

Marketing Technology LUMAscape from Terence Kawaja

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