content marketingIntroducing Lively, a platform that makes live events more interactive and profitable.

It’s hard to engage attendees at live events. Lively is a web based tool that keeps them tuned in with ease…and creates new revenue opportunities. Choose from polls, trivia, Q&A sessions and brainstorming. To participate, attendees simply send text messages, which are turned into engaging charts, comment bubbles, word clouds, animation and video on “the big screen” in the room. They’ll receive an instant message on their cell phone that can include a link to your content, sign-up form or website. You’ll get more leads, instant audience insights, full reporting and create more valuable sponsorships. Prize winners can be shown for even more engagement, with a single click. Learn more at  

  • Pose questions to your audience that appear on screens
  • Turn audience responses into an engaging multimedia experiences
  • Send automatic, customizable text messages to your audiences that drive them to action