Groundbreaking technology ushers in the era of No-Hands Marketing

New York, April 1 2014 — Boundless Markets today announced the launch of revolutionary software that requires no human involvement to achieve significant marketing results.  The technology, called Boundless One, combines marketing automation, programmatic media buying and predictive modeling with a proprietary algorithm that creates personalized messaging.  The system provides robust, closed-loop software that empowers customers to gain complete control over marketing and media programs, with no human interaction whatsoever.

The groundbreaking technology, which has been in development for two years, in effect makes marketing staff redundant.  The system enables customers to efficiently manage, execute and optimize marketing programs across multiple channels including email, web, mobile, events, and social media with the single click of a mouse.

The Boundless One system uses statistical modeling to identify the best prospects for a product or service and, based on prior engagement data, dynamically creates messaging targeted to specific audience segments drawing from a large library of customizable online ad modules and video templates.  Automatically, based on pre-determined budget levels, the software conducts a programmatic online media buy with real-time bidding and program optimization.  Ads are displayed on mobile and online ad networks in addition to thousands of email newsletters. Videos are automatically embedded on partner sites and posted to a broad range of social networks.   

User interaction data is then combined with transactional data and demographics to launch trigger emails to dynamically created audience segments.   On the fly segmentation and personalized messaging is the heart of the Boundless One system, which integrates with, Eloqua, Live Intent, Madison Logic, Sail Thru and many other partners.  An API is available and 350 agency partners have been participating in beta testing.

“This technology does for marketing what Ford did for manufacturing with the assembly line, but goes even further because now machines can govern the entire process” said Boundless Markets Vice President April Riddles.  The startling announcement was symbolically made this morning at Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. 

“This ushers in a new era of marketing”, continued Ms. Riddles.  “First there was social media and content marketing.  Then came marketing automation.  This new technology is the first in what we call No-Hands Marketing.  Let’s face it, human marketers were great.  But progress is progress.”

The product roadmap for Boundless One includes No-Hands Strategy and No-Hands Sales, both of which will require no human involvement.  Along with the new software, Boundless Markets also announced a new division today: outplacement and career services for marketers everywhere.   

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