The day after Great Britain voted for the Brexit (exiting the EU), the news headlines read “Regrexit: UK voters voice doubt over referendum choice.”

Regrexit.  Really?  Oh, how we love combining two words into one in clever ways.  It’s what the French call a portmanteau. Case in point:  how the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was called “Bennifer” by the media.Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 7.53.25 PM

Here are some takes on Brexit for the business world, particularly for the finicky and faddish marketing profession where media, tools and tactics can quickly come and go.

  • Grexit – when you stop doing something that was really great to begin with
  • Pretexit – when you pretend that your strategy is working, and then are forced to change course
  • Forgexit – when you forget why you decided to abandon a strategy
  • Retexit – when you leave your customer retention approach behind
  • Contexit – when you lack enough context or insights about customers, prospects, competitors or potential markets and, as a result, have to bail on what you’re doing. Or when content marketing falls short. Contexits are often the result of data or knowledge gaps that can be filled. (Warning…not so subtle plug coming….Boundless Markets fills these gaps with quantitative research for thought leadership and decision making, customer interviews, data audits and user videos that shed light on perceptions of websites).
That’s it.  I have to Mexit now (leave to eat some Mexican food).