Lately it seems that every product or service is available as a subscription.  Angelist, the one-stop-shop for start-ups, now lists 714 subscription based ventures…almost of whom are trying to disrupt entrenched players in their industries.

Subscription-based business models, with recurring revenue streams and predictable profits, are being used by companies who offer everything from Dog Treats to Home Maintenance to even Socks on a subscription basis.

In the B2B world, beyond software and media companies, traditional players are trying to nip disruption in the bud and shifting to subscription models by offering customers a) all you can eat information, b) tiered/premium service levels, c) more convenience, d) more immediate information and e) business intelligence and analytics.  Even IT services are being offered on a subscription basis.

What functionality, information or service can your company provide as part of a subscription?

How can you turn your customer relationships into more profitable, recurring revenue streams? 

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Another example of how “subscription thinking” is spilling over into marketing departments in virtually every industry.  Today Adobe is launching its next generation Marketing Cloud, an integrated suite of marketing technologies. One feature is Lifetime Value Decision, which employs behavioral data to figure out the kinds and sequencing of product offers that can generate the most revenue from a customer over time.  Lifetime value analysis is one of the key pieces in a successful subscription strategy.  Adobe is one of many technology players in a growing ecosystem that is supporting subscription based businesses. Companies like Cratejoy, ChartMogul and others are helping anyone get into the game. The tools are out there. Is your strategy?